Friday, October 07, 2005

I seem to have caught apathy

Mood: nothing in paticular
Weather: fall - clear and cool
Gas: $2.63

I'm packed and ready to go to crown, all we need to do is put everything in the car. In the past I have been excited and stressed and I ran around like crazy getting stuff ready and I was keyed up all weekend. This time I have been completely apathetic. It is weird, the stress is gone but so is the excitement. I was packing last night and didn't remember putting my shoes in the bag and I eventually checked but I more or less thought, 'who cares, if Lars wins someone will lend me shoes'. I still really do want to do crown but I'm just not going to get too excited either way until it happens. I know I have posted about practically nothing but crown so it may seem like I'm obsessing but for real, I am very amazed at the weird non feeling I have about it.

In other news, it is sweater weather and my white angora sweater is shedding all over my black office chair. I am also completely alone in my area today, all the guys I sit near are out today. Hopefully nobody will notice when I leave at 3 but I have an 8 hour drive tonight.

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