Sunday, October 09, 2005

We Won Crown

Mood: tired
Weather: crisp
Gas: $2.54 here 2.75 in SD

We just got home, crown was 7 hours away.

I was a great win, Lars was 100% undefeated and it was a very clean list. For the final round Hroder would have had to win 2 best of 3 bouts. Lars choose sword and shield first and won the first round (junior of the pair) and Hroder could have chosen any wacky form for second but he said that he would also choose sword and shield because if he couldn't win against that he didn't deserve the throne. So, after that, Lars said that he yielded his 'second' win and if Hroder defeated him in the next two bouts he would be the winner. Then Lars killed him and the crowed and everyone were super impressed. We were immediately crowned so we don't have great pictures but I'm sure someone got some. The rest of the day rushed by and it is kind of a blur except now we aren't allowed to go to the bathroom alone or hold anything.

It is going to be a fun 12 months and it includes being war King and Queen.

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