Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Mood: busy
Weather: gray and rainy
Gas: $1.12

I have been sorta promoted at work. I have not changed boss, group, or seat but I'm taking over a new bigger responsibility area from a guy who is moving to a supervisor role effective Monday. The fun thing is I don't exactly give up anything for at least a few weeks, half my stuff will go to a person who is currently on medical leave who will hopefully be back in 2 weeks and the other half will be to a new hire. Soooo my inbox runnuth over.

Lars' visit to the eye surgeon went very well - he will have modified eyes by the end of Jan we just have to pick a week to do it where he can have the apt on a Friday and be reasonably sedate all weekend and have a follow up the next week. The tricky point to Jan is events plus Andre's wedding but it will work out I'm sure.

Yesterday I put my last piece of info in the mail for my MBA application. I got it all in early enough to save the $65 application fee so that was nice. Hopefully I get in - my GMAT score was not what I hoped for but the 'new' testing system is probably bringing the average scores down. The test is no longer x number of questions that you get right or wrong that are compared to a pool of test takers - now it is a test that if you get one wrong it drops you down to an easier level and you can NEVER get back to the higher level so your score is prematurely lowered. This particularly sucks with my test taking method of identify the problems I'm good at and the ones I don't want to waste time on so I skip them in order to focus more on the middle ones that I get but I need more time to do. The test gives you about 45 seconds per problem so I needed to work with that factor as well as crazy grading. Anyway, I scored perfect on the writing section so that can tell them something even though it isn't counted into the base score. I'm sure it will be fine but I don't like not scoring well.

Last, tonight we are expecting our first snow, lets see how that goes.

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