Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mood: ok
Weather: fall
Gas: $2.16


I'm bad at updating. I'm going to try a new format... less long posts, more short observations. Who knows, maybe it will work. Anyway, I was among the missing because last week Monday and Tuesday I was in a training class that lasted way too late every day but at least they gave us dinner. Wed and Thursday were spent catching up. Friday I took the GMAT and it went ok but I scored lower then I hoped. I have a feeling I was sick last Friday because it was a bad day overall and I found out that I was running a fever on Sat. Took it easy all weekend. Halloween was fun but I was sick so I didn't walk around the neighborhood. Yesterday I still had a fever so I went to the stupid doctor who didn't do a thing and I will not go back to him. Today I'm feeling much better and I am back at work.

Observation of the morning; Airborne (the tablet medicine) is the best. They should have a statue built to them because one tablet of that stuff makes you better for most of the day. I am not recommendation the taste because it is really bad, so bad that chugging a glass of vodka would taste better, but the results are worth the nasty taste.

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