Monday, December 05, 2005

Cat Pee

Mood: a little mad
Weather: pretty but cold
Gas: $1.98

I was just about to write a nice little post about my great new birthday gift (2 weeks early) but then I got a phone call that the cat peed on it! Lars and I got the extra warm, extra thick down comforter and a pretty cover for me for my birthday and last night we slept under it for the first time and it was great and warm and soft. Lars went home for lunch today and he said the cat just hopped up and peed right on the comforter! He yelled and scared her and threw her outside and is in the middle of washing all the sheets, new comforter, and our bed (it soaked through). She has done this before 2 times a few years ago and we pretty much think it was over dirty letterbox issues but we change the litter every week and it was just changed yesterday!!! Lars is furious and I'm not too happy either :(

Otherwise, life is busy. I've been Christmas shopping and have the majority done. We have done some little SCA projects but nothing major. this week I'm traveling 3 out of 5 days - tomorrow and Thursday - Friday to visit suppliers and we have a big even in WI this weekend.

Update on if my birthday present is ruined or not later.

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