Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas Pics

Christmas Tree
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Question of the day; Who is reading this from in or near Levittown??? Totally public blog here but it is fun to know who I'm entertaining (or at least informing)

Big Yeah! of the day; I have been officially accepted into a masters program! The University of St Thomas evening MBA program will be the new subject of where all my time goes. I hope to get it done in 4 years.

Birthday breakdown; It was an odd day overall. A family member in NY, who is and has been very sick for a long time, is now very very sick and decided to sign the DNR so there was much talk about it all weekend. We will all miss him tons and he was a major part of my life until I moved away and even then he would mail little random clippings from newspapers or silly e-mails. I've said prayers for him to be comfortable and happy for years now and I'll keep it up until the end, but it is a birthday bummer. I really did it to myself because I just kept thinking about him, then I started thinking about what if other people die, or Lars, or me, and it is a weird personal gloom I set on myself. Lars has gotten used to these (I think) and I really do get better - today I'm totally normal just regular sad. I did get a cool new game from Lars and we played a round with friends who took us out to lunch and then Lars and I played a round. I need to look at the box to get the name but I highly recommend it. I was a veggie most of the day, we watched some tivo, I read, I refused to fold laundry but we did some general cleaning and wrapping and I ended up going to bed a little early. Today I picked up donuts for the office. I originally thought it was weird to bring in something for your own birthday - so 1st grade - but it really does make sense. 1. if you don't want to mention your birthday you don't have to 2. nobody gets stuck organizing all the office birthdays 3. no wondering if people will remember. All good reasons to bring in donuts yourself if you want the world to know. I share my birthday with a guy in my group so it was even more fun. In the grand scale of birthdays I would put it somewhere in the middle - My 16th I think is at the top, 13th right after and the ones that I had the flu for are at the bottom.

Unfortunately I did not get the pictures of the rest of the house done yesterday but I'll give it a shot tonight. For now, here is a little flicker group of Christmas decorations.(click on this picture to see the others) I re-arranged my sad little tree about 3 times, Lars and I tried to decorate together but it takes effort to make a cheep-o tree look like something and Lars was going for the path of least resistance so there was much ornament clumping. My sister hates it when I rearranged the tree but now we have separate houses on different sides of the mid west so she can't complain and Lars does not notice that nothing is where he put it.

Plan for the week; Finish up the little bits of shopping then we plan on driving around playing Santa on Thursday to our friends. Then we will do our mini Christmas at home before we go to NY for big Christmas.

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