Thursday, December 15, 2005

Weekly update

Mood: good
Weather: snowing more - 7in on the ground
Gas: $2.16ish

So, many days have passed since my last post. As have many hundreds of miles. I went to and from a supplier 4 hours north on Tuesday, then drove 7 hours to a supplier in WI and spent the next two days driving around WI to various suppliers. On Sat we only drove 1.8 miles to the event but Sunday, 6 hours back to home.

The event was very fun. We had tons to do and I didn't get to talk to everyone I wanted to but being princess is still fun. The princess sleeve tournament that I hosted was great. There were well over 30 fencers and I talked to the princess of another kingdom and it was a great time. I like the winner too, he seems like he will do a good job. The 2nd place person would have been cool too but he has won a few in the past and the guy who won will benefit from being seen etc way more then #2 would have.

While I was driving and seeing suppliers and going to events my sister had her baby! He is healthy and huge and they are home already enjoying being a family of 4. For about 5 min I was sad that there were no more babies to wait for - my 3 internet babies got born, my neighbor, and my sister are done and that was the end of the list. Yesterday I found out that another friend is a month or so along and then I remembered another person is 3 months along so I'm back in the baby watching game. Maybe next year I'll have one.

Now that I actually worked all day every day plus one evening I am officially caught up at work. There is still plenty to do but I'm not behind anymore.

On to Christmas! I finished wrapping and packing and I mailed everything yesterday. I took advantage of the online postage purchase and free pickup and it actually worked. They got more money out of me then absolutely necessary because I added a pound to all my packages to be positive I was covered. The mail man had to brave 6 inches of falling snow to get the packages but when I got home they were gone so I believe it was a success. I was torn for a while, in my mad day after thanksgiving marathon shopping I got a gift for a brother in law and totally forgot that big and heavy are bad ideas for mailing. I went back and forth and the final deicing factor was that I didn't have a box that could fit it plus the other gifts soooo I bought one online and I'm having it shipped direct. The other one is sitting on my kitchen floor, wrapped, waiting to be unwrapped and returned. I also did the online thing for my sisters baby. I don't want to pre buy Christmas gifts because he might not have been born yet but after he was born I was already on the clock to ship so no time to shop. Anyway, he is getting a cute Winnie the poo sweater set via target express. I still have a little shopping to do for my family in Sayville but I'm going to be flying there so I am putting off shopping until I get there.

This Sunday is my birthday, I'll be 26 so I need to change my blogger bio. No real plans but I have a little pile of presents from Lars to look forward. He was so good, he actually found non-Christmas paper to wrap them in.

Back to work for me

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