Thursday, June 22, 2006

inspired to write today

I just wrote a lovely post about all the stuff I've been doing over the last 5 months but blogger ate it, here is the super short version;

Masters+Full time job+ Being Queen = little time for anything else.

Work was super nuts for a while including sending me to Malaysia over Easter. SCA has been a blast but we travel every Friday and Sunday and have events on sat but it is cool being the King and Queen. I got an A in my first class and I'm half through my second - I'm learning a lot including how to read massive amounts of dull stuff.

I have been keeping in touch with some people - Verizon IN is great and I have an hour each way to class to chat with people. Anyone want to get in touch let me know.

Time to pack for this weeks trip - maybe I'll have time to write more, maybe not~

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