Wednesday, September 27, 2006

30min til it is time to go to school. I am having system issues and the only way to fix them is to totally sign off and shut down and come back up again and I don’t want to do that to just turn it off again.

I’m thinking about getting a roomba. I’ve heard good reviews but they run about 130 plus shipping at the best online site I’ve found. I like the concept of it cleaning by itself and I think the cats are bright enough to get out of the way. I need to keep my eyes open for one. I’m also trying to convince Lars that we need a maid. I’m not lazy and I don’t even mind cleaning but I find myself spending all my free time cleaning. During the reign I just let it all go and cleaned just what needed cleaning. Those who visited over the past year know... Now that it is done I really don’t have more free time during the week so I can either choose to clean all weekend or try and get a maid. Anyone have a suggestion for north of the cities? I would prefer someone with a reference... Lars does not like the concept of someone being in our house without us. I told him the only answer to that is that he needs to clean more, and he needs to do it without me asking. I’m not talking about a live in maid or anything, just someone to vacuum, do the bathrooms, dust... something like that. I’ll still need to preclean so they can get to the floors etc but that is easier then doing it all. Ok so if you have a reference let me know~ Time for school....

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