Sunday, September 24, 2006


Mood: Good
Weather: sunny and bright
Gas: $2.13 last I looked
Reading: Law Text book and Martha Stewart October

Hello? I think I'm back. I know, I've done this before... I have run out of excuses, we are off the throne and back to normal life. Now our normal life still includes SCA but maybe not 3 times a month. Our normal life still includes Lars working lots of odd hours and me doing my masters, us both working on the house (me working, Lars letting me do what I want and lifting things I can't) and plans for a party next weekend.

I was thinking of a new concept, along the Martha Stewart line, maybe let the few people out there know what we 'should' be doing this week. It will at least be a log of what I'm doing because like many people, including my mother and the Jewish faith, feel that September is New Year. I'm sure it is a hold over from starting school and the weather changing but I feel more like making resolutions in September then in January. So here we go;

#1 - write a list of achievable tasks for a week and do them
#2 - exercise more

List for the week of September 24th
1. Move and clean behind and in the refrigerator
2. Get log books for each car and one for the house
3. Measure all my rooms and put the measurements in a little book I can keep in my pocketbook

To exercise today I will be building a step for my back deck. We moved the opening so that it is on the side that is about 2 feet off the ground instead of 7 feet where there was a rickety staircase. All summer we have just jumped off the deck and since I want to have a party next weekend I need to make a step so our guests don't have to be part monkey.

I also plan on doing #1 on the list so I'll report on what exactly is back there.

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