Monday, September 25, 2006

Clean behind the fridge - check

Mood: a little sleepy
Weather: very nice
Gas: $ 2.??
Reading: tons of E-mail

What is behind your refrigerator? I know what is behind mine…. I looked at the bottom and saw that it had little wheels, nice bonus, but they looked like they might kill my nice wood floor so I stuck a grocery store circular under each wheel and gave it a good pull. I got it far enough out to see that I didn’t just have dust bunnies, I had dust hippos back there. I got the vacuum and got all the surface dirt and all the dust off the walls and floor and then I opened up the back. The inside was not too much cleaner then the outside so I vacuumed and then got a swiffer pad and attached it to a long spoon and dusted the coils. The swifer came out black and amazingly enough, the metal in there ended up black too (was a nice gray fuzz color). I put it all back together and pushed it back into its hole in the wall. Before cleaning the back, I had to clean off the top too so things didn’t fall on my head and it was fun to see what was up there. I had some Vander mint alcohol that Lars bought because it came in a nice bottle, we are going to see if we can trick people into drinking it this weekend. I also found 5 wooden bowls I don’t know the origins of, my magnetic poetry that I put away after my fridge was too obscene, margarita mix and rim salt, some really old juice boxes and some baskets. I put the homeless bowels into one basket and the other basket is pretty so it went back too, all the alcohol stuff went in a cabinet, the word poetry is on the counter and I’m deciding if it is safe to put back up but now the top looks neat and pretty and I know the inside is clean. Unfortunately after all that it still makes an odd clunking sound every so often….

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Petranella said...

Gee I did the same thing yesterday w/ the fridge and the stove. It was icky but satisfying.