Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gilmore Girls and That 70's Show

Mood: Sad

All summer Lars and I TiVoed That 70's show. It is just a brainless fun show that is on 3 times a day so we always had something to watch. Tonight we saw the final three episodes and it was so sad! I know it probably ended last year but it was sad to us...

Then, the Gilmore Girls, my favorite show. It was good but sad too. I won't go into it incase there are those that can wait more then 10 min to watch their Tivo but I could not.

On top of that, I have had this depressing sad song (reference from http://www.kjsl.com/~beanmom/beandiary.html) in my head since Sunday. Ironically, the guy who sings the song was on Leno last night, I had never heard of him then twice in two days. The song alone is less sad then the video but I warn you, this is a VERY sad thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s2hPkTT1lA

Tomorrow will be a long day, early conference call then work then class. I have to finish up my homework tomorrow but so far this class is fun and on the easy side. If all law classes were this way I would go be a lawyer. I hear it only takes 2 years and then you have to pass the bar. Oh well, maybe in my next career. So far I have used a bunch of stuff we have talked about in contracts so Work is getting their money's worth out of this one.

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Shannon said...

I just recently started tivoing the Gilmore Girl reruns, so I'm slowly catching up. Why does it have to be a 7 year long soap opera???? I like shows that are happy and fluffy too!! (This is completely ingoring spoilers from last night...I'm basing my comments on my growing reaction from the last year or two worth of reruns.)

But it's Project Runway night!!! :P