Thursday, September 28, 2006

Mood: cheerful
Weather: cool and sunny
Gas: $ 2.15-2.19

My class last night was so fun! I am such a nerd that I actually like contract law.... It isn’t really a law class, just taught by a lawyer, but he promises to teach us in the last class how to beat up lawyers and make them do more for their money. He even had a sneaky trick built into the class, we were supposed to notice that someone in one of the cases was a minor and it was completely not obvious, but I really will remember that probably forever and make sure who ever I’m dealing with has contractual capacity... He also has the habit of calling the class “guys” I know that is generic but he apologized for it last night and someone suggested that he call the group “girls’ if it didn’t matter. Somehow a group of girls being called guys is fine but calling a group of guys girls sounds insulting. Wonder if that will ever change... My favorite teacher Dr Girard used to call us all either “people” or “children” depending on how pleased he was with us, I think he had a good method with that.

To and from class I also really enjoy my phone time. I usually call Bevie but if she is busy I call any of my other version-in friends. On the way home I get another nice 35 min talk with someone too. **if you are version in and want Kate calls e-mail me your number** I know I could call people any time but it is just really nice to know that I won’t be interrupted or that I should be doing something else for a half hour straight. I got a set of headphones for my home phone because of all the conference calls but I use them all the time because then I can multitask while talking. I have found some things are really good to do on the phone some things are not;

Good things;
Folding laundry
Sweeping the floor
Cleaning counters
Cooking dinner that does not require measuring, exact timing, or reading a recipe
Leg lifts
Driving places you know how to get to

Bad things
Reading e-mail
Reading anything including recipes, directions, or sorting mail
Shredding stuff, unless you have a very quiet shredder
Tidying where you need to think about where things need to go

I know my dad can talk on his cell while reading a map and taking notes and drinking coffee, but I am limited to just talking, driving, and drinking coffee.... maybe when I get as old as him I’ll have more skills :]

Today is my sisters birthday and I’m going to give her a call. I also need to do a bunch of shopping for the party this weekend and I’m at the production facility so I don’t have anyone to eat lunch with anyway so I’ll run out then. As always, busy day but fun.

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