Friday, September 29, 2006

Mood: harried
Weather: gray but promising
Gas: $ ?

Friday! Yeah! I walked out of work yesterday with a problem brewing and now it is full blown monkey bad. So bad I need to hang out by the phone tonight for a call from Asia. Hopefully fixes we put in place work and we can get through this, the hot heads that tend to over react are simmering down and I can really just hope for the best.

Last night my goal was to clean and I think I made a bigger mess then ever. At the party this weekend, I’m giving away a ton of the stuff we got over the past year and I needed to sort through it all to see what I wanted and what I want to give away. I have to keep in mind my house does not have infinite space and I don’t need to keep every little thing to remind me of the last year. So, to those attending the party, get there early for the good loot, whoever arrives last has to take the weird stuff. Lars did a great job on the yard, he had a good time with the saws-all we borrowed and kept finding new things to cut up. I am hoping for good weather so we can enjoy the outside one more time.

I have 2 days left for my weekly list and so far I did the fridge, I purchased books to record house and car happenings and I need to fill them in, and so this weekend I need to measure the rooms and features. I want to be able to know if a super on sale area rug would work in my downstairs room or if it is too small or big, that sort of thing. I apparently need my goals in writing to be responsible for them ;)

Roomba update – I have been beaten twice for good ones on E-bay but I have inspired my parents to look at them too. A roomba would be great for their house, it is wide open wood floors and not too much clutter on the floor. My house would really be a pain for it, we have 4 sets of stairs so we would need to tote it around a lot.

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