Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Party update

Mood: good
Weather: weird
Gas: $ 2.15

The weather (always an exciting topic) seems to be debating whether it is fall, winter, or summer. I put away the summer clothes while contemplating turning on the heat but then it was 70 degrees the next day. Last night we had rolling thunderstorms that made it hot or cold or windy or raining or clear depending on what minute you were looking out the window. Lars finished the footing for the new step, I built the step Sunday, and we need to borrow a better drill to finish attaching it but every 5 min the weather was changing while he was working. Lars also got some other yard clean up done in preparation for the party this weekend. Cross your fingers that the weather cooperates.

Party update – Not too many people are coming so it will be a nice little thing. We are changing it slightly – the fight practice portion will happen up north in the regular place and the party portion will be at our house about 1. Anyone coming from the south that does not want to go watch fight practice is 110% welcome to hang out with me at the house. Anyone not interested in the fight practice portion just come around 1ish for lunch and cake and party.

Any food requests? We are shopping tomorrow.

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