Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Winter is coming

Mood: Morning
Weather: last day of warm (65) weather but it is sunny and clear
Gas: $ 2.19
Reading: Protected class legeslation

Good Morning!

I added a task to the calendar, exchange summer clothes for winter clothes. I actually started this over the weekend but it does take about a week. First I pull out all the winter stuff (only two boxes) and sort through. I took the opportunity to make a big give away pile of things that did not fit right (possibly never did) or I never wore. We ended up with a kitchen bag of stuff to give away, mostly sweaters. At least this half of our donation is at the right time of year for thrift shoppers.

Anyway, once all the winter stuff is out on the bed in piles I went through all the summer stuff as it came out of the dresser and went into the box and I purged another bag of stuff. I even gave away two pairs of ‘fancy’ sandals that I’m pretty sure my sister gave to be because they hurt her feet and they hurt my feet so maybe someone else out there can wear them. They are very tall wedge sandals worn about 6 times total so I’m making an exception to my “don’t donate shoes” rule. They took up too much room in my shoe racks too so now I have room to put away our summer sandals and they are not squished. I am keeping out some summer stuff for Cancun this winter so I don’t have to dig later. The part of this process that is taking a week is that I have to do all the laundry so I can put away summer clothes that were in the system. I ran 4 loads of laundry last night but I didn’t get to fold any. Hopefully by the end of today I will have both boxes full and in the garage. My storage boxes are looking a little sad, they are nice cardboard but I’ve had them since we lived in PA so that is at least 5 years old... I need to watch the sale piles for clear plastic totes. Eventually I might get my wardrobe down to fitting in one walk in closet so if I ever have a kid they won’t have to have all my stuff in their room.

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