Tuesday, November 07, 2006

7th day of the challenge

Another day of work.  I am sitting here sipping my midmorning coffee after making headway on many projects this morning and I am looking forward to when I get home today, not for the normal reasons but because the GARAGE DOOR WILL OPEN AGAIN!


I finally pulled out all the adds from one of the ad flyers and made a list of the 5 different options so I could see what they offered in comparison.  I called two and ended up making an apt for today.  Lars is supervising, it is nice to have him work from home, so easy to schedule things like this without having to be there myself or have it after business hours.   We are getting an upgraded belt drive unit with two remotes and a keyless entry, hopefully there is no trouble installing it because we couldn't find a stud in the right place to anchor it.   We honestly did try to fix this thing we just failed miserably.   In the end it was very easy to arrange, I don't know why I waited so long.  

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