Friday, November 24, 2006

Black Friday

I must admit, I did not make it out at 5am.  I took a look at the door busters and there really was not anything that I had to have.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still shopping today because there are some fantastic deals all day/weekend but 5am was not happening.  I also convinced Lars that he had to come with me, we are compromising and saying we are getting to Kholes at 10 so he has another half hour before he has to wake up that I will use to pack for the weekend.  I have my doubts about us all fitting in the car we think we are all driving in so I'm going to drive the suv to the meeting point and have it be ready.  Maybe we will all still fit, that would be very nice since the suv does not get great mileage.
On my shopping list there are very few question marks so provided I can find everything I want I'll be able to be inspired for my question marks and have a stress free couple of weeks.
In birdfeeder news (I'm sure you were all wondering)  I have attracted two cardinals and a bunch of the tiny brown birds.  I'm still don't have constant visitation but that may be because it is still 65 degrees outside or because I'm using leftover birdseed from my wedding.  Right now the kitten is sitting on the deck staring very intently at the birds that she has no chance at all of getting but she does like watching them.  Occasionally she makes a little jump into the air like she was just about to get one but since they are 30 feet up I doubt she will make it.
Ok, off to pack then shop - Giulia, please call with departure time.

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