Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Complaining (I don’t know how to do the fancy thing were there is a link to see the whole text so I made the words white, you need to highlight below to read but feel free to skip)

I can’t resist the urge to complain to the internet world about my flu. I only ate half a sandwich at lunch, a bowel of cereal, and 2 eggs all day yesterday. While having violent stomach cramps and camping out in the bathroom I felt the overwhelming need to puke. I surveyed my options; sink? – too far away, trash can? – full, dump the trash on the floor and clean it up later? No, too much risk of something gross or bathtub. The bathtub was my only option .... gross!!! I did feel better once my stomach was empty but then I could not reach the knob to turn on the water so I was forced to co-exist with it for a min or two. My only further comments are I need to chew my food better and what did I eat that was pink?

I did get to the water and cleaned the tub (nothing says adult like cleaning up your own puke) and then took a shower. I forgot that I didn’t have contacts on and got into the shower with my glasses. I can’t see my feet without visual aids and I get dizzy trying so since I wasn’t in the best shape I just left them on. It wasn’t as bad as it could be and they only fogged up a little at the end and I rinsed them off and put them back on. So after my shower I was still camped out in the bathroom for a while but I did feel better after a bit. I still came to work and I’m keeping myself semi isolated in my office but I wrote to my professor to say I’m not going to class since I still don’t feel great. So far I’ve kept down some oatmeal and water and one hot pocket. The hotpocket is not sitting well so I might be heading home. I (sadly) have already evaluated my puking options for the office (trash can – very empty, with a plastic liner so I can just dispose of it all).

Now I need to try and concentrate more on work again, “lunch” time is over.

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Knit Knot said...

Get better and call me.