Friday, November 10, 2006

Dull day turned interesting

Yesterday was a tense day here.  They did a 'resizing' at work and although I knew my group was pretty safe it was still an angst filled day and every 2 hours you looked around to make sure friends in other groups were still there.  We are not communist so jobs do not have to be there.  The Company is doing the right thing taking action before it is bad and they tried to do it in the best way possible.  We had one person move to another group and no actual losses.  I am going to end up with more work I'm sure but I suppose that makes me more valuable.  My good work friend got offered a job outside the Company and she was waiting to see what happened yesterday before she gave notice so I am loosing a friend but she is getting a great bump up in pay that she really needs and disserves.


It wouldn't matter if they were handing out $100 bills yesterday for working, I got about half of my regular amount of stuff done.  Today I catch up and I went from no meetings to three before very suddenly and I need to go to the other site after lunch and I always enjoy a little drive in the middle of the day but it does mean I won't be quite as productive as I had hoped but I always get a lot done offsite.   I try not to focus on work, in my life and in my blog, but that really did dominate my day.  


Yesterday was dunce day, I did not celebrate even though I was at class and someone could have had to sit in the corner.  Class was interesting but for the first time I looked at the clock during lecture.  It wasn't that it was dull but I was tired.   I got home, opened the mail, got the new battery for the phone that has needed it for a while, ate some sushi and went to sleep.


Lars has made a nice habit of buying sushi while he is out on Wednesdays'.  It is a good light meal for 9pm when I get home and it is totally a spontaneous thing from Lars.  He knows I enjoy it but I never really expect it so every Wednesday it is a treat and a surprise.

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