Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Goals of the Holiday Season

1.  Avoid ever seeing a jewelry commercial, especially K Jewelry.  I hate them so much!  I like jewelry and I wouldn't mind more but I really really hate the sappy commercials.  I believe with careful use of Tivo I should be able to avoid them completely


  1. Write and mail Christmas Cards – I didn't make it last year but maybe this year


  1. Get shopping done early, I'll have a good start on black Friday but I would love to be done by Dec 11 so everything can be mailed


  1. Put up Christmas lights and inside decorations.  I end up slacking on one or the other but I'm looking at a gorilla ladder on craigs list so putting up the lights might be easier this year


  1. Avoid stress – If I get stuff done early I should be fine


  1. Work out atleast 2 times a week, this should help with the stress and the looking decent in a bathing suit in Jan (in Cancun!)


  1. Send a note to anyone else in the neighborhood that puts up decorations, we were the only ones last year


I am sure I'll have more but this is the time I have.   I am hoping that we all get to go home early today so I need to get work done.  I have a feeling not many people are working today because I only have 3 e-mails so far today and I usually have well over twenty by now.

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