Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Friday

I accidentally woke up too early and thought I was late so as a consequence I got to work early.  I really need to get a watch, or a clock in the bathroom, or both.  I have gotten used to not having a watch (mine broke in Aug on the way to pennsic).  This has happened once before when I worked in NYC for the summer, I got really really good at finding clocks in the area and I even remember looking into certain shops on my walk to work because they had good line of sight for a wall clock.  At work here I find myself looking at clock in conference rooms when I walk by and here every phone and computer has the time displayed so I don't go too long without seeing the time.    I can't think of any positives about not having a watch on other then Lars does not ask me what time it is so much anymore.  I don't think I will ever be the type of person that time does not matter and that watches and clocks are unnecessary.


This weekend I was supposed to go to a baby shower in Fargo (3 hours away) but all the people I was going to drive with canceled so we are going to just throw our own shower for her.   Therefore my weekend plans are nil.  I have two goals, clean the garage and start garb.  The garage isn't that bad but since it was such a pain to put cars in we have stuff just sitting in there not really put away.  If I get really ambitious I might get a bunch of hooks and customize the storage to my needs instead of just sticking with the built in shelving that has been there since we moved in.  Whoever build all the work bench areas was a giant.  I'm not short, but I need a step stool to get so that something on the bench is waist level, on the ground they are mid chest high on me.


So what are other people's weekend plans?  Give me some inspiration.   Oh, or I'll take suggestions for blog topics, weekends are the hardest for me and I'm not going to drop out of the competition!

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