Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Monday

Weekend review....  I got a ton of little things done, so menial and trivial that it would be more dull then my average post to list them all but it is very satisfying to cross stuff off the list.  I didn't actually get to everything but I have all week.  Class is canceled this Wed for the holiday so I'm going to sit and do homework and I should still have time to so other things too.  Yesterday I picked up  a supplier from Malaysia and took them to their hotel and then out to dinner.  It was a fun meal and we enjoyed ourselves.   Today I'm hosting them at work and tonight I hand off to a coworker who has them for the next 3 days.  


Friday I was declared a perfect candidate for Lasik, my eyes are a very good shape and I have good corneas with no weak or thin spots.  I need to look at the calendar and make the appointment but I am thinking after Cancun in Jan.  I might actually end up doing it in Feb since I will need to take a day off I don't want to do that too close to a vacation, just looks bad.  Late Feb I am planning on going to Korea and China with a work group, I am filling out paperwork for it now.  


It is very nice to have a short week ahead of me.  Work through Wednesday, Thanksgiving at T&K's on Thursday, Black Friday 5am shopping then a nap then travel to Costumers event.  Saturday nice event all day and maybe a club that night and Sunday home.  Thanksgiving this year we are doing a PJ theme, I think I'll check out Wal-Mart for some fun thanksgiving themed stuff.  I miss the classic formal meal with my family but since it can't be recreated here we might as well have fun with the change.  Any cool Thanksgiving plans with you all?


Next week a bunch of coworkers will be out and the holiday season begins... 

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