Thursday, November 09, 2006

"important" holidays

Over the weekend and last week I neglected a few important holidays;


Friday; Housewife day and sandwich day – I wonder if they are related?  The one true house wife I know said she liked the idea of her own day and she enjoys being a housewife and raising her kids so Friday I brought over dinner for her (and us) and it was well received.


Saturday; While I was being lazy and playing silly computer games I was really celebrating King Tut day – I'm sure he didn't do laundry on weekends


Sunday; Gunpowder Day and Guy Fawks Day.  I have no idea who Guy Fawks is but I did nothing with gunpoweder.  Most of my coworkers were expressing their fondness for gunpower by hunting.  One coworker actually even uses a blackpower gun to hunt, the season for black power is longer, but I had a lot of interesting conversations on Friday about all the hunting plans for the weekend.  


Today is saxophone day and Marooned without a compass day.  Neither are exciting.   I can use a compass but I don't really need one for my life, there are enough landmarks to figure out where I am and what direction I'm going.  I also try to keep my self out of situations where marooning may occur.  I can not play a saxophone nor do I know anyone who can.  


Tomorrow is bittersweet chocolate with almonds day and cook something bold.  I will eat an almond joy and maybe add one to dinner....

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