Monday, November 13, 2006

Maybe Big News


I am taking the big step toward having 20/20 eyesight without poking myself in the eye daily.  I have an apt on Friday to see if my eye are good candidates for laser eye correction.  If I am then I am putting a great big chunk of money in flex spend.  If not, nothing really lost, I don't mind my contacts.  The only down side is that for a good exam I have to wear my glasses for a week before the appointment so I am sporting my glasses.  I bought them as back up and to wear at home so they are not non-glare and they are not high index and they are not exactly fashion glasses (although they are not that ugly, just small and not really outstanding).  I made the appointment this morning so I ran home at lunch to quick change to glasses.  Here's hoping that this week of fashion tragedy is not for nothing J

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