Monday, November 06, 2006

My two year anniversary


Lars and I, as of noon eastern time, will be officially married for 2 years.  We dated apx 5 years starting more or less on my 20 th birthday and he proposed at Northshield 1st crown.  I realize that if we were both really Minnesotan then Oct 6th would not have been a good option because it is deer opening weekend.


I don't believe we have any special plans tonight.  We have tickets to see a comedian we both like in the cities on Thursday so that is our going out.  I have a chicken to roast and spaghetti squash and home made bread for dinner tonight so we will be staying in.  Going out isn't all that big a deal, we go out to eat often between traveling or not wanting to cook so a good meal at home is more rare.  I pulled out our candle from our pre-cana retreat so that is the only sentimental thing.  I should check, but our marriage has outlasts a lot of celebrity ones (low bar) and we have had a fairly calm yet fun couple of years.  Some of the 'calm' things since we got married are; buy a house, move on the coldest day of the winter, both of us changed jobs, won crown and reign for a year, 1 family birth, 1 family death, trips to 9 different states and one other country and that is just what I can think of off the top of my head.  I suppose it is the bored people that find time to have problems or keep grudges.  


The year to come I'm sure will have challenges, hopefully everything turns out ok.   I don't have any particular plan for things that must happen in the next year but I have a think or two in mind that if they happen would be well received but I don't want to over plan.

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Gwyneth said...

Happy Anniversary! Making it another year is always an accomplishment you should be happy for.