Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nice relaxing Sunday

I did two things of note and one thing I've been intending to do for ages.
First, I got a bird feeder for our yard.  I wanted it to hang level with our 2nd story window so I could see birds when I was sitting on the couch and I thought it would amuse the cats.  I am positive it will amuse the cats because the hour of trying to throw the cord over the right tree branch had all of them sitting at the window looking at me.  I won in the end and got the right branch but it took way more effort then I think should have been necessary.
Second Lars and our friend Timmy went to see Borat.  His choice.  He might not get to choose again for a long time.  Borat was funny and kept us talking about it all through lunch but it is disturbing on a few levels too.  There is also an extremely gratuitous nudity (and it isn't pretty).
Last I finally made the draft blockers I've been intending to make for a month.  Just a basic tube filled with rice, only trick is holding the funnel and the tube tight enough to not drop it and rice all over the floor but loose enough to get rice into the tube.
I also made bread, two loaves.  I have improvements on my method for next time but I had two slices for dinner and they were tasty. 
I didn't get all that much done but Lars wants to go watch some more Scrubs and cuddle time is important too.

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