Thursday, November 16, 2006

Party with your Bear day

I feel much better today!


I slept from 6-8 and then from 11-7 and ate a very bland dinner and all seems to be well.   I have to meet an electrician today for an estimate on changing the ceiling fan and installing some lights, hopefully he can do it today but if he needs more tools then it might have to be tomorrow or this weekend.  I also got volunteered to pick up a supplier from Asia on Sunday morning so I don't know if I'll be going with Lars to the event this weekend or not.  Might still since we can leave right after the event and drive straight through and get home late, have to talk to him.


I've been ignoring the interesting holiday list, over the past week they have been dull overall.  Today is have a party with your bear day and I thought that disserved mention because an old nickname for Lars is LarsE.Bear so we will have to have a party.   Or... I need to party with G1 or G from WI as they are both bears too.  I might feel better but I'm not up to massive party so rain check to the bears J


I got conned into helping someone do a chart in excel so now I have to get going on my stuff.  I'm very glad it is Thursday and I am very glad that I don't feel like puking.


Liz said...

Dang, I was going to bring the confetti! I will take the raincheck though.

Anonymous said...

I like parties and confetti - but really understand the not up to it. Another time.


erik said...

There's a Party with your Bear day?? Darnit, nobody tells ever me anything. >:-P