Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Morning

My goal for a post is 10 am, today at quarter to ten I got a meeting reminder and there goes an hour and a half.   It was a good meeting, got a lot done, but none of the blogging I look forward to in the morning.


Class was good as usual.  It is suddenly much colder and darker at 5:30 so my 6 block walk is now more of a chore then it was when it was nice and sunny and warm.   I actually had to parallel park yesterday in the car with no power steering (not broken, was always manual) but I was pretty proud that I did it in only 4 moves.  We spent half the class going over the test and I argued myself into 4 more correct answers.  I didn't technically need the points but class participation is 1/3 of our grade and he wanted discourse so we gave him some.  When I got home we ate dinner and then we watched about 60 episodes of Scrubs.  Ok, it was only 3 but Tivo collects 5 episodes a day and Lars is obsessed with the show so all he wants to watch is Scrubs.  I do like it so it isn't a big deal but after too many you start dreaming in Scrubs.  Last show we did this to was That 70's show and I think I like Scrubs better but they are such different shows it is hard to compare.  

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eightk said...

I LOVE Scubs. I have the first two seasons on DVD and they're my go-to for background noise while I'm doing grad work.