Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We had about 25 trick-or-treaters and they all arrived between 6 and 7pm so it was relatively easy.  I took pictures of our decorations and I'll post them from home, I forgot to mail them to myself at work.  Our neighbors little boy was very very cute but he doesn't quite understand the concept yet, we opened the door for him and he came right in and looked at his mom like she was crazy for standing outside.  The weather kinda cooperated.  Originally they were predicting snow and that didn't happen but it was very cold, in the 30's, so all costumes included a coat and gloves.  No other mischief happened – no smashed pumpkins or toilet papered houses in our little area so that was nice but just in case the cats got locked in the garage for trick or treat time and then were not allowed out of the house after.  I got one chapter of homework read pre treaters, and half a one done after so I have 1.5 to do today at lunch.  We are going over the test today so I bet we don't get to the third chapter but I'll skim to make sure.


Today at work I got a very nice surprise.  I was given my yearly merit increase!  I completely forgot that they moved my anniversary to November because I changed internal responsibilities last year.  Previously my anniversary was my hire date of Jan 15...   So it was a 10 min meeting to basically say I got a raise.  It isn't huge but it is nice. 

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