Thursday, December 14, 2006


As of today, I am done with Christmas shopping except for maybe if something jumps off the shelf at me, and maybe a Nintendo Wi for Lars, but I'm done with my planned shopping.  I just ordered sweatpants at a fantastic price from this site  They actually have white pants, a very rare thing, and they also have red too so a certain squire will be getting a pair.  


Last nights class went well.  It was longer then expected because he went over every test question.  I got 5 multiple choice questions wrong and two I (and the class) argued for our answer.  The other three I made a good case for but I was wrong mostly because I read the question to mean a different thing, stupid homonyms in legal terms.  I did pretty well on the essay sections, he did not accept my late copy but I got either full credit or very close on all of them.  There was one trick question though, he asked us to define 'business purpose' and give an example and I think I wrote a good answer but the crazy guy wanted us to put in 'business judgment' and not one of us did.  He said he did it on purpose to have a final little lecture about how our study of business is giving us business judgment and that it is valuable and we should not sell ourselves short.  I suppose it was worth 3 points for the lecture.  I got an A on the test and on the course, now I need him to post the grade super quick so I can submit the bill to work to get reimbursed.


Today is my second mentoring session.  I'm not sure I mentioned that I took over mentoring a 4 th grade girl from the friend that just left the Company.  Last week was ok, we played games, this week I think we will do the same.   I didn't sign up for this program to begin with because I really don't know what to talk to a 4th grader about for an hour a week but I'm sure I'll figure it out. I leave at 10:30, get to the school, pick up the kid from her classroom, go to the lunch room and get lunch (yeah school lunch) and then go back to a special room set up for the program where all the desks are in pairs and we eat lunch, talk, then play games.  At the end I bring her back and go back to work.  Not too bad a way to spend a lunch break.

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