Friday, December 29, 2006

best worst of the trip

the short version of Christmas review;

Best thing about Long Island; Family and friends and being part of the group

Worst thing about Long Island; public restrooms seem to all be smeared with poo and stink


Best thing I packed for the trip; Extra comfy pants for Lars since he worked the whole time there he only wore non pj pants 2 times

Worst thing I packed for the trip; my hairdryer.  Didn't even touch it and it is delicate and bulky so it takes carryon space


Best thing about getting home; the Christmas flowers had just bloomed so I didn't miss them

Worst thing about getting home; it did not magically clean itself


Best thing found upon arrival; gifts from Lars' mom and sister

Worst thing found upon arrival; the cats have shredded all the plastic I put on windows, even windows I didn't think they could reach


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