Friday, December 01, 2006

Dec 1

I'm 'late' writing today (after lunch rather then during breakfast) part because I'm busy working and part because the jump into December means I like to do a bunch of housekeeping things like find my list of odd holidays etc.

Part of the reason I don't write as much as I could is because I'm clicking around on other people's sites keeping up on their life and today I found an AWESOME way to speed that part up curtsey of this site She explains how great Google has come up with a reader so I can just look in one place and see who has posted. I had to actually search 'google reader' to find the link but since I already use G-mail and the spreadsheet program and the calendar this is one more good addition. I am disappointed in two sites that I like to read that do not support feeds; Gone South and Beanmom, so ladies, please enable feeds and leave me a note (if you even read this) so I can read you with ease. I can't wait to show Lars the new feature, he has stopped reading blogs altogether because of the hassle of checking each one daily or remembering the address. This Google reader even has categories so I can group the people I know for real and the internet people. Many friends of mine have been regaled with stories about the internet people I read or the internet babies – Like I said, blogs are books that don't end.

So – set this up, I have never found a reader that worked before and this one is highly recommended.

Last night I was full of busy energy and got a lot of little things done. I packed and mailed a bunch of stuff, I transplanted a plant from a friend, I planted my paper whites and my amaryllis and hopefully they bloom by Christmas. I talked to my mom and cleaned the bedroom and the closet room, I got through a big pile of stuff I have been avoiding in the closet room and I sorted out the huge pile of Christmas presents we just had all over the floor in the dining room. I still have plenty to do to get clean so I can decorate but my teacher decided to give us the final next week so I don't have to worry about it at all this weekend, we don't even have homework and since it is take home I don't need to study exactly.

Tomorrow I will do all my December update stuff, birthdays (my birthday is in 18 days), todo list, and fun holidays.


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