Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First day of 27

After the endless day of meetings was over I was wiped out and went home to take a nap.   I did not nap at all because I got sucked into the book I'm reading and then Lars came home and then I had my 6pm conference call....  So no nap.  The 15min quietly reading in bed was restorative though because after my call I hunted for presents and finally found them, they were hidden really well, and then we drove down to the Mall of America to my favorite Sushi place and I ate a ton of sushi, so much I could not finish it all.  We missed the movie time we originally aimed for because there was a wait for dinner so we stopped at starbucks so I could stay awake through a 9:20 showing or Eragon and we met Tim there and watched the movie.  Post movie we went to Perkins for dessert and we caught up on some political gossip and I fell into bed at 12:30.  Eragon was ok, not that great a movie but the concepts are good.  It is similar enough to the book, I was disappointed with the things they skipped and some things they did absolutely opposite from the book but I really wasn't that huge a fan of the book.  They did a great job with the dragon herself, she is the best thing in the movie.  The scenery in general is good too but if you are trying to deide between this movie and another I bet the other is better (except for Borat, that movie was disturbing).


Now I shift focus 100% to Christmas and travel plans.  I know I have a bit more birthday on Wednesday and maybe when I get to NY but Christmas is the main event now.  Last year we picked a day and drove to all our local friends to deliver presents and it worked out well so we are doing it again this year.  I need to exercise my logistical brain to pack gifts in a way that they are in the car in the right order so there is no searching in the dark/cold to find the right thing for the house we are at.  Delivery day for us is this Wednesday, first stop will be T&K, second R&S then Timmy then our neighbor and finally Lars can open one thing from me (the pile of presents is killing him).  Thursday my work friend that moved is coming to stay for the night because she is picking up her daughter for the final move, the daughter has been staying with friends the past 3 weeks to finish the semester.  Friday we need to go to the airport right after work so all we will have time for Friday is to pour a huge bowel of food for the cats and lock up – not enough time for mini Christmas, so Wednesday Lars gets to start Christmas.  We will open the remainder of our stuff when we get back after Christmas so this holiday will stretch for over a week for us J


Given that busy schedule, I basically have today to finish all the little things, clean some, do laundry, and pack so I don't need to worry about it on the days I have plans.  Once we get to NY I have a bunch of plans but mostly they are have fun with family and have fun with friends.  I'm shopping with my friend B on Saturday just to enjoy that Christmas eve shopping fun and we are gong to go into the city at some point to see another friend perform in a club.  The only downsides are that Lars has to work while in NY so he can't really go away from the house during business hours, and, my sister with kids won't be there at all this year so her waking us up at 6am to open presents will be missed (is #2 a sarcastic statement? You decide).


Ok, time to go back to the business of the day.

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