Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Dec 18

Today is a popular day to be born; G1, a guy at work, Brad Pitt, and me.  Guy at work I think got tired of me only mentioning Brad Pitt so he gave me this list of other people with today as their birthday; Actor Roger Smith, guitarist Lonnie Brooks, Director Steven Spielberg, Singer Cowboy Troy, Rapper DMX and Actress Katie Holmes.


So far all I know is that Lars is hiding presents around the house for me.  There will be no hints so I just need to search the house.   I'm sure we will do something about dinner but I don't know what yet.  I brought in Christmas cookies and brownies today to work so I think I will be sweets maxed out by tonight.     


It seems the flu was unavoidable – there are 3 people home with it today from work and friends of ours we saw Friday had just gotten over it meaning Lars was exposed last Monday and we both got leftover germs on Friday.  We both seem to have had a pretty mild case and are both pretty over it.  


I have back to back to back meetings today, including a lunch meeting and somewhere in-between meetings I need to do my annual review write up.  I submitted my grade and tuition bill and hopefully I get all reimbursed without a problem, I think I finally learned all the tricks of the system.  


Salli Weston, said...

Happy Birthday.

Liz said...

Hope you had a great celebration!