Sunday, December 03, 2006

I'm friends with a film writer

Congratulations on being Top 15!

My friend Mike and a bunch of people from college entered the National Film Challenge in October where basically they get 48 hours to write, perform, and edit a short film. Apparently they get a character, a genre, a prop and a line that they must use and they get this info right as the competition starts. So, Mike and everyone got the genre comedy and I don't know their line or prop but I am guessing the character is Robert Soxer (am I right?) and I think it turned out really well. The film is online, it is Make-up of a Man and if you want to look at some of the other entries there are quite a few on you-tube just search National Film Challenge 2006. I really (also) liked a few of the others but there were some that were just terrible so I think Mike has a shot at wining this one. In any case, top 15 is awesome.

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80's said...

We actually had a little over 72 hours for this one. Being a national contest, it had to be postmarked on Monday and we got it to Kinko's 12 minutes before midnight. The Philadelphia-only one was 48 hours, and we had to have the film finished and handed in at a bar in Philly by 7:30pm Sunday. John ran into the bar at 7:29 ("Fenton's Fury").

Prop: Oil
Line: "If it doesn't work, give it a shake."
Character: Bobby Soxer
Character's occupation: Candidate
Genre: Comedy