Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Look

Mood: semi-accomplished
Weather: cold
Gas: $ don't know, didn't leave the house today
Reading: html websites

So - I redid some things for Christmas, hopefully this looks good to everyone out there. I have an awesome wide screen monitor (very early birthday) but I noticed last time I did a new design that what looks good on this monitor may not look good on others.

Anyway, the picture is of my cardinal out my livingroom window. Once it snows I think I'll do a new header again, I finally figured out how to make them in photoshop. I bought photoshop from some online discount store and it came with no instructions at all so I've been reading help files and clicking alot. I'm pretty pleased I can make something fairly decent that is useful. I also added a picture of the toad that formally resided in my hottub so scroll down and look at the cute little guy.

It is midnight and Lars is almost done working. He took a dinner break and we watched Battlestar Gallactia. That is such a good show I always want more by the end of the episode. I slept really late today so I'm not tired so I think I will go tidy. Tomorrow it is off to the mall and I need to get to make some bread, we are down to one loaf and I'm itching to use my new loaf pans.

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