Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nice surprise day

Last day of class tonight... I have a nice long break, all the way to the end of January before the next class (stats). I have officially been pursuing my masters degree for one whole year now. It is a 16 class degree so at three classes a year I am a bit under 1/5 done. I really should take two classes a semester one year but work only pays $5000 and that is $1000 under 3 classes. On top of that, I don’t think I have time to give up two evening to be at class plus atleast two other evenings to do homework. The other people doing this program work too and many of them are doing 2 a semester but I bet they don’t have lives.

Today has had a few pleasant surprises; the work friend who had the baby came for a visit and the little baby is very cute and alert for 1 month old. She also had a pretty good baby smell but given the number of babies I’ve been around the last few months I’m starting to think it is soap not baby that smells good. On of the three babies smells very neutral, the other smells kinda bad and this one smells kinda good. On top of a nice baby visit, the offsite had a big potluck lunch and that was a great surprise. There was a ton of tasty food and I now have to keep from grazing the rest of the day since it is in the office next to mine. I also got some good advice for Mom’s Christmas gift and with a work friends help ordered one. I’m not saying what it is because Mom reads this so Dad, the next box that comes addressed to me needs to be hidden from Mom.

Last night I cleaned a whole bunch. Getting all the gifts off the kitchen floor and wrapped and either sent to where they are going, put under the tree, or packed ready for NY made a big difference. I can actually see 99% of the kitchen dining room floor. Lars and I decorated our sad ugly $12.00 Wal-Mart tree and it has a lean to the right this year. I woke up to the distinctive sound of the kitten batting a decoration, good thing only non fragile decorations are on the bottom half. One of the other cats tried to eat the tree a little but decided against it and has ignored it ever since. We have 16 pounds on the tree stand just in case any cat thinks climbing the tree is a good idea.

Time to get back to work – hopefully I will have a grade by tomorrow 

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