Thursday, December 07, 2006

this was supposed to post yesterday and blogger rejected it! Anyway, I'll update again later but here is yesterdays post;

Last night we successfully decked the halls. Technically nothing is latterly in the hall but the living room is now very festive, the entry hall has some touches, the bathroom has a little bit and our bedroom got decorative bows on the curtains. All in all it took 2 or so hours but we didn't rush and we cleaned as we went. We even got all the laundry done and Lars cooked dinner. I released him to game land while I did a little bit more decorating, try and keep everyone happy. Tonight is school but hopefully after we can trim the tree and I need to do present wrapping so things can get mailed on Monday.

Today is my offsite day and I got a bunch of stuff done that I needed to do face to face with the engineers so I had time to do the grocery shopping at lunch. I am hoping that everything is ok in the trunk for the couple hours I have to leave it. Ironically, I have no frozen foods but I do have fresh veggies and fruit. The temp outside is about 30 so I think everything will be ok for the 4 hours I'm leaving it out there. I picked up some toys-for-tots for this weekend and some candy gifts for Lars, Super Wal-Mart is one stop shopping. The only troubling thing is that I've been to too many Wal-marts and they are similar enough that you feel like you know where everything is but then each one is just different enough to have you wandering the store for 10 min looking for toothpaste. This particular Wal-Mart is one of the larger and I only go when I have time at lunch when working in the plant in WI. Today was maybe my 5 th visit and I just discovered that they sell a fair selection of alcohols way in the back corner of the store (I was looking for toothpaste). It is nice to know the WI laws are more lenient then MN, you learn something every day. The last item of note (in my boring Wal-mart list) is peppermint rediwip. I got some a couple weeks ago and Lars loved it, and I liked it in my hot chocolate. I have a feeling it is a seasonal item so I got two today. Who knows what the shelf life is but three cans in a season should be enough anyway. Tonight, after class, we can have some eggnog with peppermint whipped cream and trim the tree and wrap presents – should be a nice way to end the day.

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