Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Time just flew today and I still have stuff to get done.  Today was more or less nonstop meetings but I did get my reservation for the hotel this Friday booked.  We are going to an event and will leave Friday after work and we are leaving the event before the feast (sorry!)  and will be hitting the Great Dane on our way home.  The Great Dane, contrary to its name, neither caters to dogs nor serves dog but it was a good restaurant and I think Lars will like it.  I got our hotel room for $45 in Madison, on the east side, so it is right on our way and is 4h from home and the next morning we only have to go 1.5 hours to the site so we can be there bright and early.  The hotel also says it has breakfast so hopefully it will be enough that we don't need to stop.


I have quite a packing list for this event, I have a bunch of odd things to bring but I have a list so I should remember.  My goal was to have Ambrose's gift done but that is not going to happen at this point.  I have quite a few things going on this week – tomorrow is class, Thursday is my company Christmas party AND our professor is e-mailing the exam to be complete by Monday, Friday we are going to the event, Sat will be at the event and driving home so Sunday I must do the exam.  Aside from sewing, I also need to wrap and pack and mail all of Lars' family gifts.  I just went through my Christmas list and I only need one more thing for his family and it is a gift certificate to Lowes so maybe on Friday on our way out of town we can hit one...  Tonight I want to decorate the house and put up the tree and we desperately need to grocery shop although since we will be out Thursday and Friday for dinner we can probably put it off until Sunday.  I also need to buy airline tickets to Cancun, they just came down some in price today so I'll take a look on Thursday.  This is turning into an expensive month but that is what December is all about.

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