Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Review

I am having trouble putting into words just how good a weekend I had. It was one of those fun, no stress, unexpected surprise weekends. I didn't get all the chore like things done I wanted to or even get grocery shopping but I actually feel refreshed on a Monday for once.

After a nice Saturday where we got a lot done, yesterday Lars and I slept late (he later then I) and I had a good conversation with Mom while I cleaned a bit. Lars volunteered to cook breakfast so we had ham and eggs and then we went out to the Mall of America. We found parking right near a door super fast and there were basically no excessive crowds. I was rushing us from one store to another and Lars wanted to know the rush and I said that I knew he wanted to be back for an online thing (game) with a bunch of guys and he said not to worry about it that he just wanted to enjoy the time. We went in a ton of stores, and we found an awesome store that was basically full of stuff I liked. It was not so much an item or two that I like but the entire look and feel of the store was great and I wish my house could be like that. Of course the furniture pieces I liked that really made the look were all multiple thousand dollars but I think that is because they count as art. The great part about the store was that Lars liked everything as much as I did and if we win the lotto we are going back – in the meantime I think I can recreate the painting on the furniture fairly easily so maybe a future project. Next we found a fun kitchen store that was full of samples, we left with a jar of something but Lars grazed enough to be good for another hour. We hit our favorite tea store and a couple other fun places and then we went to Tiger Sushi and had the best, most fresh, sushi you can get around here. After the late lunch we navigated out of the mall efficiently (easier said then done) and we went to Ikea for a quick return. Lars was about at the end of the shopping rope so we picked up dinner at a Greek place we like and headed home. We stuck the food in the microwave to keep warm and just hung out for a while and we both did some internet stuff and around 10 we snuggled on the couch and watched Scrubs and it was two episodes that we had not seen. We went to be at midnight and it was just a lovely day overall I hated to go to sleep.

I think we are at the 85% done with Christmas shopping point. I am going out tonight and hope to get the rest. When I'm in NY it might be fun to go and get some extras but it will be nice to have the bulk done already. I thought I bought Christmas cards after Christmas last year to use this year but I don't know where they are so unless I find them this afternoon I'll pick up more to get going on cards. I also need to decorate inside but that might be an activity for tomorrow.

Back to work – hope everyone had a good weekend too

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