Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I am starting to think the Mondays are just too busy at work to actually post anything.  Yesterday was (obviously) no exception, I didn't even read any of my daily blogs because between two long meetings and lots of general activity I was an hour late leaving.


The weekend in review is very similar to many other weekends at home.  I recall how much I wanted weekends at home when all we did was travel but at some point the balance tips.   I was busy though, I challenged myself to clean and I got the living room spotless and the computer room pretty clean and roomba vacuumed both thoroughly.   I did not get the dining room table clear so there is zero progress on the sewing but I did make headway.  I got distracted by two things, my Tivo dilemma and Hero's of Might and Magic (computer game).  


Tivo problem; Tivo is upstairs, elliptical is downstairs, I want to watch shows I Tivo while running.   Previous solution was to make DVD's of the shows and play them downstairs.  Of the 6 or so times I've tried this, it only worked kinda once.  The DVD player is really bad, it won't play normal movies either and it actually destroyed 2 writeable DVDs.  My options as I saw them were; 1. buy a tivo for downstairs, found out that I would need tivo subscription too so that option would add up to hundreds of dollars over time.   2. buy a better dvd player, this could be anything from 50-150 and still might not work, plus, it might be the tv that doesn't work well with DVD players and I can't really test that without another player.   #3. network my upstairs Tivo to my computer and download the shows and watch them on my computer monitor.  I read about this a couple months ago and they came out with a wireless network connecter for $50 so that was the option I tried.   Needless to say, it isn't exactly an easy process and TV+Tivo+Cable box is a delicate eco system that I definitely disturbed and all in all it took about a day to get everything in working order.   I successfully watched my first show downstairs while running yesterday and as a bonus, my computer screen is bigger then the TV I was using.


So that basically dominated my weekend.  The computer game is one of those tactics/planning games that sucks hours away and you don't even know it.   Today I need to get the table clear and start sewing before I go near the game or I'll loose another evening to it.


This coming weekend is an event, we are day tripping in because Lars is working Friday night.   I won rodeo tickets for this sat too and have to find someone to give them away to but I think I have a taker.  Hopefully tomorrow there will be a sewing update...

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Liz said...

I'll see you at the event then. We are daytripping too.

Thuri and I made pewter bear badges to give to TRM's and the current bears. I'm thinking of stealing the ones I made from the pouch and hide them....