Tuesday, January 02, 2007

first post of 2007

Took another blogging break over the weekend.  It is way easier to blog from work around lunch time since I spend 90% of my work day in front of the computer compared to weekend time when I am doing other things.  The long weekend was nice but I seem to have the cold my parents had.  Very runny nose and a cough but today my cough etc is gone, just the nose keeps running.


I read a bunch of blogs with plenty of year reviews and resolutions.  I had a good 2006 and expect good things from 2007 and I just started a project in early Dec that will dominate most of 2007 so I'm actually positive I'll be busy.


My Highlights for 2006

Got a 'promotion' to a new commodity at work last Jan

Was Princess then Queen for most of the year and had a good time doing it and by most reports we did a decent job (even if some are backhanded compliments like 'you surprised a lot of people')

Started and mostly completed the patio project

Went to Malaysia (work)

Went to Canada twice (events)

Started my masters degree and completed 3/16 courses


2007 plans include;

Going to China and Korea (work)

Finishing the patio

Making a pavilion

Continuing the masters

Fighting in spring crown

And a bunch of other stuff


My only real resolution is to drink more water, I like to keep the resolution realistic.


Newyears this year was odd, Lars and I and 4 friends ended up more or less a mobile party except the weather was terrible so we were driving around in the snow.  The last thing I ate in 2006 was Dino's French fries and the first thing I ate in 2007 was coffee from our brand new coffee maker.


The weekend overall was laid back.  We did some shopping, we watched The Devil Wears Prada (good movie), and I blew my nose 10,000 times.  I can start the count down to Cancun, only 10 more days.  This week I have very few plans, I need to get working on a project or two but school is still out so other then some conference calls my evenings are my own this week.

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