Thursday, January 11, 2007

a 'real' post

Wow, I missed a day, and the post the day before was supposed to have a part two that had something in the way of substance.   In some ways I have had incredibly busy days however they are full of stuff I can't really write about or that is totally uninteresting.  Right now I am going full swing into vacation mode.   I did very well focusing on work until now (2ish of course) but now I'm mentally checking out.  I still have some work to check on tomorrow, might get it done in the airport, but I am taking my laptop so I'll check in on work.   I know I should just take a vacation but it is so much easier to check in once a day then to come back to a big mess.


Yesterday I started gathering things, hat, sun block, summer stuff, I pulled out a Chinese parasol  from pennsic and I'm thinking of bringing it along since I'm so prone to burning but then again I don't want to look like a moron.  I'll see if I have space.   I also need to get around to taking down the Christmas tree but that might not get done until I get back.  I need to get some brain candy books to bring so I hope the thrift store is open late enough today to get a few books.   I need to locate summer clothing etc so I'll have a busy night tonight.  I am very glad we went for the later tickets, it would not be fun to take off at 6am because we would have to be at the airport at 4:30 so that means leaving the house at 3:45 so we can get there and park and at that point we would have either had to stay awake or go to sleep at 6pm and neither would be a fun way to start a vacation.   Our flight takes off at 10 something so we need to leave the house a bit after 7 to be on the safe side.


There will be one thing I miss, our Amaryllis flower turned out to be a double bulb so we have two huge stalks and each has four flower and they are just starting to bloom so we will miss most of it.   I'll take a picture and post just so you can see how huge this thing is.


That is basically it for the week – I've just been doing the normal eat, sleep, work, exercise, clean routine.  

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