Monday, January 08, 2007

weekend review

Wow, today flew by, I had two major meetings and one minor one but basically all day was meetings.   The last one even included an irate supplier but we got it solved in the end.


This weekend I went to an event and it was a nice small affair.  I like when everything is in the same room, you don't feel like you miss anything.  I also met two people who love the TV show Scrubs as much as we do and we are planning a Scrubs marathon for later this month.  We are going to have food inspired by the show too, it should be very fun. Lars missed me, he even did dishes, and he was just finishing some work when I got home at 10:30 but by the time he was done I was totally asleep on the couch.   I think he sat with me for a while and we watched something but I was sleeping.  Sunday was a lazy day.  I got the laundry done and set Roomba to clean and I played computer games and read my new book Wicked.  Wicked is a little odd but good so far.


The weekend went by too fast, I suppose I'm a little spoiled after so many long weekends in a row.   I'm making sure I get everything possible done before Cancun at work so I don't come back to a big mess but I'm sure I'll check my mail and do little things while I'm there as long as there is internet and I'm pretty sure there is.   I didn't get as much cleaning done as I wanted but I got a bunch of stuff organized and did some of the little things on the to do list like mailing receipts to people who didn't like their Christmas gift.   Today (or this week at least) I need to de Christmas the house and I would like to keep up the workouts since I got back in the swing of things last week.   I got the name of a reliable cleaning lady so I need to give her a call and then it is prep for the trip time.  Hopefully I can stick to the plan and not just go home and fall asleep J


4 days to cancun.

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