Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling Chipper Today

Monday already!  I am in a good mood today, I got a bunch done this weekend, we have the cleaning lady coming tomorrow and my friend from High School is visiting on Friday.   Lars and this work team had a big weekend so they worked non stop from Friday morning until now, I'm not joking, around the clock.  It is times like these that I am glad he works from home because otherwise I would never see him and when I did he would be grumpy.   I basically had run of the house all weekend since he was rooted to his desk chair so I did the bathroom and cleaned a bunch.  I also played Hero's and it is just so easy to loose a couple hours in that game.   I don't realize how long I have played until my mouse hand is numb.  The cats enjoy the game, I am a non moving lap and they take full advantage of it.   I finished the second mission yesterday and feel quite accomplished.  I also got the laundry done, including sheets and towels so all I need to do is fold and put away.


This week I need to focus on sewing, if I dedicate Tuesday or Wednesday to it I should be able to finish and put it away again so the house looks nice for Bev.   After that project my queue is roughly;  fighting outfit for Josh, new fighting tunic for Lars, Houpe for me, and maybe something late period to wear at Coronation.   I have fabric for all of this (and more!) just need to get into the sewing grove.  Tonight I'm going to visit T&K since we skipped Friday due to the work thing but we won't stay late because I need to pre clean for the cleaning team and I would like to do my exercises.   I got a bunch of nice nesting baskets from WalMart and I am  planning on tossing all things that don't belong on that floor into a basket to be transported to the correct floor.   The plan is on Mondays to get as much put away as possible and leaving the baskets empty so the cleaning team can fill them with anything they find or need to move.   That is the plan anyway.


Ok, back to work.  Hope everyones weekend was fun.

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