Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!


I will spend the day running around to 2 different location for Work and hitting WalMart on the way to or from somewhere.  


Yesterday I got home and the house was CLEAN!  I did notice a few spots she missed but if she misses them again next time I'll point them out, this time she probably had her hands full cleaning overall.   Lars was home and said they were very efficient.  My biggest complaint (and one should not complain about other people cleaning) is that they made our bed and put the top sheet on upside-down and backwards.   She also gave us homework; she threw all the throw rugs into the laundry room so I guess I'll be doing a load of them this weekend so my feet don't get cold in the mornings.  


Last night I pulled out the sewing project for Ambrose.  I finished the cutting based on the fitting and I set in one sleeve, all that is left is the other sleeve, cuffs, hem, and buttons.   If I get creative I may add a decorative stripe to the bottom but it is coming together.  I have to do homework today and if I get it done early I'll probably have time to do more before Lars comes home from practice.


Hope everyone is having a good Valentines day

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