Thursday, February 15, 2007

post Vday

Yesterday was a long day.  Work was crazy with lots of driving and lots of running around but it was good I was there.   I did get a little something for Lars at WalMart and he and his guy friends all went to Macy's together and got all the wives chocolate.  Lars got us an assortment of truffles and me a small box of dark chocolate and there is enough to last a month.   We did not end up having a movie night, our friend Timmy came over for dinner and then we went to the neighbors for games and ended up staying until midnight.   I got about half my homework done but I have more to do at lunch today, I needed my work computer to actually do the graphs and it is a huge pain because yet again, bobble head didn't tell us how to do the graph he wants.  


Today will be a very long day and it seems to be going by pretty slowly because I thought it was noon and it is only 10:30.   I suppose that means I have a lot accomplished today but sometimes I wonder if the passing of time is constant or not. 


I took a look at my stat counter and I am up to 26 or so visitors roughly a day!  I'm not sure who everyone is but it is fun to guess based on IP address.  Anyone who wants to reveal their identity e-mail me at , the people I can figure out are; G1, G2, HRM, 8k, Mom/Dad, GoneSouth, E-kat (occasionally), Mike80's, Petranella and that is all I can figure out based on location or origination page.  I'm happy to have anyone visit J


I am up to 96 e-mails so I need to go battle it down to the 50 range....

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