Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project at 95%

I am almost done with the outfit!  I did the hem, neck detail, hand sewing on the sleeves, so all I have left is button holes.  I'm torn between wanting to get it done and knowing that doing button holes on my machine usually  results in some problem or another. The obvious alternative is hand made button holes.   Can I just use regular thread for that?  Or do I use floss?  I'm leaning that way since I only need to do 6 or 8.  I was looking for larger buttons so that they are easier to do with gloves on but Jo-Anns is devoid of useful buttons in general – I don't think he would appreciate cutsie hearts or flower buttons.   Anyway, I got Lars to try it on and it fits him so it should fit Ambrose (I hope), the chest was tight and the arms were long but since he is about 6 inches taller then Lars and not as build I think it will work out.  


After sewing I ate dinner and fell asleep – then I woke up again and saw it was only 10:30 so I watched the Apprentice and it was ok but I think the show is getting old.   I still like the premise and sometimes  the tasks are really good but mostly it is a formula.  I miss Project Runway and I'm not sure they are doing a season this year because the hostess is having a baby.  They also seem to have canceled the new adventures of old Christine, I don't see any upcoming episodes.  I'll have to do some research on the shows so I know for sure....


Ok, time to get to work, my e-mails are creeping up over 100 again, I must battle them back.

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inanecrap said...

I've actually heard one of the reasons they might not to Project Runway this season is because Tim Gunn has left the Parsons School of Design for another job, so they're going to have to replace him. That would totally suck, too, because he's one of the best parts of that show.