Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I am oddly bored right now.  I've gotten a lot done, now I'm waiting on other people.   That is the way of the world.  Yesterday was similar, I ended up doing a lot of little thing and then I did a bunch of SCA stuff just because I'm waiting on stuff.  


Last night I went direct from work to T&K's and it is really very close by back roads, closer then my house I think.   Lars mentioned that if the market goes up a lot in our area we might sell and move north a bit if prices are still reasonable.  I like our house but it isn't my dream house.   Hanging out on a Monday is very different then a Friday, just a different tone.  We got home later then I intended to but we got the house reasonably picked up so the cleaning people can clean.   Lars called and said that it looked pretty good, I can't wait to see it, I feel like it is Christmas.  Today I will do homework and hopefully start sewing and continue sewing Wed night.   Thursday is class and I'm going out after for a SCA fitting and Friday Bevie is visiting so I need to re-tidy and spruce the guest room.  Other then the snowmobiles I don't have many plans for the weekend but I'm sure we will fill the time easily.   Today I need to go pick up some valentine stuff but I think we will do our traditional stay home and watch a movie while eating sushi plan.


Nothing else very noteworthy going on, time to go nag some engineers to get their stuff done for me.   3 more hours until I see a clean house!

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